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If you are buying or selling a home in Harford County Maryland, Homeowner's Real Estate is the real estate company for you! The purchase of a home is a tremendous investment, both monetarily and emotionally. We are here help your transaction progress smoothly and result in you being a happy homeowner. Remember, if you have any questions we're always just a phone call or email away.

Are you searching for Real Estate Agents in Harford County? It is important to choose the right agent to help you buy or sell your home. I have the experience to make this experience go as smoothly as possible for you. Whether you are selling your current home, purchasing your first home, relocating, or selling and buying, Homeowner's Real Estate is here to assist you with all your Home Buying and Home Selling needs.

If you are selling your home in Harford County, it's not enough to have your home listed in the MLS (Multiple List System). In today's Maryland Real Estate Market you need to do more. If you have tried selling your home on your own, or have an expired listing from another agent, we can help you sell your home. In addition to handling traditional home sales, luxury home sales, farm sales, land sales, and executive home sales, we also provide valuable insight if you're facing foreclosure or considering a short-sale. We can help sell your house FAST!

You'll save Thousand$ of Dollars in real estate commission fees because we charge a small 1.75% Fee instead of a large percentage commission!

See Homeowners Real Estate's Ultimate Marketing Plan for Your Home for more information on how to get faster results when selling your house and save on Real Estate Commission Fees.

Harford County is a mix of residential communities, farms, waterfront and wooded properties. Harford County home buyers can choose single family homes, townhouses, duplex homes, situated on small parcel of land with little maintenance, luxury homes on several acres of land, wooded lots, or large farms. We put together a list of our top Tips for Home Buyers and Buying Guide.

Harford County Homes for Sale

Communities We Serve

Here are some of the communities we serve in and around the Harford County, Maryland and some benefits to living in these communities. We are experienced, licensed realtors in Pennsylvania and Maryland. We can help you buy or sell your home in the following communities:

Aberdeen, MD 21001, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005 Aberdeen real estate agent. Home sellers and buyers.

Abingdon, MD 21009 Living in Abingdon, MD. Abingdon real estate agent. Home sellers and buyers.

Bel Air, MD 21014, 21015 Living in Bel Air, MD. Bel Air real estate agent. Home sellers and buyers.

Belcamp, MD 21017 Living in Belcamp, MD. Belcamp real estate agent. Home sellers and buyers.

Benson, MD 21018 Living in Benson, MD. Benson real estate agent. Home sellers and buyers.

Bulle Rock, MD Living in Bulle Rock, MD. Bulle Rock real estate agent. Home sellers and buyers.

Churchville, MD 21028 Living in Churchville, MD. Churchville real estate agent. Home sellers and buyers.

Darlington, MD 21034 Living in Darlington, MD. Darlington real estate agent. Home sellers and buyers.

Edgewood, MD 21040 Living in Edgewood, MD. Edgewood real estate agent including Edgewood Area of Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Fallston, MD 21047 Living in Fallston, MD. Fallston real estate agents.

Forest Hill, MD 21050 Living in Forest Hill, MD. Forest Hill real estate agents.

Gunpowder, MD 21010 Living in Gunpowder, MD.

Havre de Grace, MD 21078 Living in Havre de Gracel, MD. Havre de Grace real estate agents.

Hickory, MD Living in Hickory, MD. Hickory real estate agents.

Jarrettsville, MD 21084 Living in Jarrettsville, MD. Jarrettsville real estate agents.

Joppa, MD 21085 Living in Joppa, MD. Joppa real estate agents.

Joppatowne, MD 21085 Living in Joppatowne, MD. Joppatowne real estate agents.

Perryman, MD 21030 Living in Perryman, MD. Perryman real estate agents.

Pylesville, MD 21132 Living in Pylesville, MD. Pylesville real estate agents.

Street, MD 21154 Living in Street, MD. Street real estate agents.

Whiteford, MD 21161 Living in Whiteford, MD. Whiteford real estate agents.